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Ellis County

4-H Day Events

4H clover wordleThanks to Ellis Co. 4-H'ers for helping us present some 4-H Day "pointers" for you as you prepare for 4-H Day 2017. Click on the category below to see examples or hear pointers to help you.

Ellis Co. 4-H Day is Sunday, March 5, 2017 at Victoria Elementary School in Victoria, KS.

4-H Day is an event where individuals and teams of 4-H members make public presentations about their project work. Categories include demonstrations, project talks, speeches, skits, music, readings, etc. Those members receiving a top blue designation are eligible to represent Ellis County at the Regional 4-H Day event.

Ellis County participates in a Regional 4-H Day event with Trego, Phillips, Smith, Rooks, Graham and Norton Counties. Each county takes a turn hosting the event. Phillips County is set to host on Friday, March 24, 2017 in Phillipsburg.

Kansas 4-H has a new series of handouts to help you prepare for this year's event. Check them out!

4-H Day Event Overview

4-H Day Brainstorming Ideas for Your Talk

4-H Day Demonstrations

4-H Day Illustrated Talks

4-H Day Project Talks

4-H Day Public Speaking

4-H Day Planning Your Talk

4-H Day Using Visuals

4-H Day Presentation Pointers

A great resource for 4-H'ers preparing a foods demonstration is Food Demonstration Hints.

4-H Day