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Ellis County

Ellis County Fair

Get ready to celebrate "Riders, Ropes and Blue Ribbon Hopes" at the 2017 Ellis County Fair!

July 16 - 22, 2017

2017 Ellis County Fair 4-H Schedule

Everyone's help is needed to carry out the Fair. Click here for a list of Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and other Volunteer roles that you can sign up for NOW. Other assignments that 4-H clubs will be asked to fill will be coming your way as the fair comes closer. Thanks.

Fair Entry System in 2017 - In all areas of 4-H and Open Class, you will be asked to go on-line to www.fairentry.com to pre-enter your exhibits.  This pre-entry will generate the exhibit tags for each of your exhibits.  No more hand writing all of those tags!!  We ask that you take time to enter your exhibits into the system by July 10, so the tags can be printed.

Here's a link to help walk you through the process - 2017 On-line Fair Entry Information

Here's a link to a step by step video to talk you through the process.

Scheduling Volunteer Assignments during Ellis Co. Fair - Please complete by July 10.

Indoor Exhibit Links

2017 Ellis Co. Fairbook - 4-H Division
2017 Open Class Fair Book
2017 On-line Fair Entry Information
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Ellis County Fair Website
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SpaceTech Information Cards (GPS, Robotics, Rocketry) - scroll to the bottom
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2016 4-H Display and Check in Volunteers
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Ellis Co. Fair Early Release Form

Livestock Links

2017 Livestock ID Procedures
Small Livestock Tagging Hints
2016 Herdsmanship Letter
Blank Beef Barn Map
Blank Sheep / Swine / Goat Barn Map
2016 Goat, Sheep, Swine Barn Assignments
2016 Beef Barn Stall & Tie Out Area Assignments
2016 Final Livestock Letter
2017 Livestock Entry Letter
2017 Stall Deposit Photo Insurance Form (All Areas)
2016 Intent to Sell
2016 4-H Livestock Sale Information
2017 PreSale Flier
2017 Drug Withdrawal Form
2017 Horse Entry Letter
2017 Cloverbud Open Livestock Entry Letter
Open Class Youth Livestock Waiver of Liability

Small Animal Projects

2017 Final Small Animal Entry Letter
2017 Small Animal Entry Letter
2017 Small Animal Photo Stall Deposit Form


2017 Ellis Co. Fair Results

Fashion Revue Champions

Champion Fitting & Showing

Herdsmanship Results

ECF JR Livestock Judging Results

ECF SR Livestock Judging Results

PreFair JR LIfeSkill Judging Results
PreFair SR LifeSkill Judging Results

ECF JR Lifeskills Judging Results
ECF SR LifeSkills Judging Results


Animal Management Skill-a-Thon Results


Healthy Food Challenge Results